2020 RN License Renewal

To renew your West Virginia RN license you must sign in to your nurse portal. The renewal application is available on your portal dashboard.

Frequently Asked Renewal Questions

Q - I have a question about CE (Continuing Education).

- Please contact CE Broker, https://cebroker.com. ​Visit our CE Broker Support page​

Q - I signed up for the portal but I can't log in. It tells me I need to complete the registration, but when I try to register it tells me I already have an account.

A - If you are renewing your license, then do not create a new account - you already have a portal account in the WV RN nursing portal, so you will need to use the sign-in box on the right under "Already Have an Account". 

Q - How do I renew my West Virginia RN license?

- You need to sign in to your nurse portal account. After you log into your portal you will see a link to renew your license on your portal dashboard.

Q - I created a nurse portal account, but I do not remember my password.

- The "Forgot your password" link can be found on the portal sign-in page, the "Forgot Password" link is on the right of the page under the Password box. It will send a link to reset your password to your email. The link expires after 24 hours.

Q - I created a nurse portal account, but I no longer have access to the email address I originally used, so I am not able to log in.

- Please call the RN Board at 304-744-0900 and we will change the email address associated with your portal account.

Q - I am not very computer literate and I have problems using my email. Can I renew without using the portal?

- No. All renewals must go through the portal. You may need to obtain help from someone locally who understands how to use email and how to log onto a website with a password.

Q - I am not receiving my final portal verification email, so I cannot complete my portal setup.

- The email will be from "no-reply@wvrn.boardsofnursing.org" - check with your email provider's technical support to see if the mail was filtered. Also check your SPAM folder. You can also call the Board and we can change the email address of your portal sign-up to another address. If you do not have email, we recommend obtaining an email address at one of the free email providers, such as gmail or yahoo.

Q - I am not able to find my license information in the portal.

Make sure the top of the page has the heading "West Virginia Board of Registered Nurses Nurse Portal."  If you search for WV Nurse Portal in Google or Bing, then sometimes the LPN portal comes up first and the RN portal is a couple of links down. They look very similar, so make sure you are on the WV RN portal.  

Additionally, when you see the question "Do you have or have you ever held a license/certificate with the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses?" If you currently hold a WV RN license, or if you ever held a license, or even a temporary license, then you must click Yes here.

Q - While renewing, none of the Primary State of Residence choices are valid for me. I live in a Compact state, but I have a West Virginia single-state license.

- If you live in a Compact state and you qualify for a multistate license then you are required to get a license in your home state. You will no longer be able to renew your West Virginia single-state license. Please contact the Board of Nursing in your home state and apply for a multistate nursing license.

Here is a map of the Compact states:

To verify your license single/multistate status go to our License Lookup page:

Q - I am getting the message "We are unable to process your request" when signing in to the portal page.

- If you keep getting this message then you may need to clear your browser's cache and try again. Alternatively you can try a different web browser.

Other questions

Q - How do I apply for my RN license in West Virginia?

- First, create a portal account and then log in to your portal. On your Dashboard you will see a button that says Apply for License. Click that, and you can select which RN application you will want to use depending on if you are applying for license by Exam or Endorsement, Internationally Educated or taking a Re-test.

Q - I am an RN with a multistate license in another Compact state, not currently licensed in West Virginia. I want to apply for an advanced practice licensse in West Virginia. How do I proceed?

A - First, create a portal account and then log in to your portal. On your Dashboard you will see a button that says Apply for License. Click that, and you can select the advanced practice application. Within that application you will be able to specify in which other states you hold licenses, and also identify your multistate license.

Q - I am a dialysis technician, and would like to obtain a license to practice in West Virginia. How do I proceed?

A - First, create a portal account and then log in to your portal. On your Dashboard click Apply for License. If you are endorsing in from another state then use the Dialysis Tech Endorsement Application, otherwise use the Dialysis Tech Exam Application.

If you need additional help with your portal account please email John.R.Jarvis@wv.gov  with any questions. We will respond within one business day.

West Virginia RN Board
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