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Dialysis Technician Online Verification
To verify the West Virginia certification for a Dialysis Technician click on the following link:
You may then search the file by name or certification number.  The system provides the name, city and state, certification number and whether or not the person has Disciplinary Action.  If you have any questions please send them to Temporary Permits are designated with a "T" before the number.  These persons have completed a training program and are ready to sit for a national certification exam.  The temporary permit allows them to work while waiting to sit for this exam. 
Dialysis Technician Law and Rules
The RN Board is responsible for regulating Dialysis Technicians. Registered nurses, dialysis technicians and those desiring to become dialysis technicians are encouraged to review the Dialysis Law and Dialysis Rule.   

Application for Dialysis Technician in West Virginia
To work as a Dialysis Technician, certification in West Virginia is required.  To submit an application, download the Dialysis Technician Application complete it, and send it to the Board office with the required fee.  Additional information may be required.  Please read below to determine which applicant category applies to you and provide the required documentation.  Approved applicants will receive a certificate in the mail from the Board.  A listing of certified Dialysis Technicians will be available online for review.
Endorsement Applicants: 
Endorsement applicants are individuals who have completed an educational program in another state and hold a credential or certification from another state or a national certifying body approved by the Board.  Additional requirements must be provided to the Board including: 1) a certified copy of a certificate of completion of the education program;
2) completed state and federal criminal background check; 3) a verification of the credential or certification issued by another state; and,  4) a verification of the national dialysis technician certification or credential you hold from a Board approved certifying body.  A 90 day temporary permit may be issued to an endorsement applicant.
Initial Applicants:
Initial applicants are individuals who have completed an educational program from a Board approved Dialysis Technician Training Program and do NOT hold a credential or certification from another state, and do not hold a national certification from a Board approved certifying body.  A Temporary Permit may be issued to the applicant.  The Temporary Permit is valid until three (3) days after the exam results are known.
Reinstatement of Lapsed Certification
To reinstate a lapsed dialysis technician certification please download the reinstatement application, complete and send it to the Board with the required fee of $200.00.
We welcome your questions or comments relating to the Dialysis Technicians . You may contact us at
Advisory Council Update
The Advisory Council Members are:
Teresa Ritchie, MSN, RN, FNP Board Member and Chairperson
Amy Cavalier, DT
Judith Haid, DT
Kathy Carper, RN
Cheryl Sizemore, RN
Dr. Mary L. Lewis, MD
The next meeting date of this group is to be determined.  Please contact the Board office (304) 558-3596 if you plan to attend so adequate space is assured.  If you have any questions about the Advisory Council please send them
April 7, 2006
May 11, 2006
November 16, 2006
January 11, 2007
August 2, 2007
According to Title 19 Legislative Rule, West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses, Series 13 DIALYSIS TECHNICIANS, the following are board approved testing organizations:


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