​​Reinstatement of Inactive-Retired Nurses

The suspension of the law and rules was sought because the Board has received information indicating that West Virginia hospitals are experiencing an increase in the number of patients occupying hospital beds due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  This increase in patient load has fueled demand for an immediate increase in nurses to treat these patients.  

As a result, on September 17, 2021, the West Virginia Board of Registered Nurses voted to suspend the portion of 19 CSR3-9.2 which requires “completion of required continuing education” in order for an inactive-retired nurse to return to active status.  Additionally, in the best interest of public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the State of West Virginia the Board has streamlined the process of returning inactive-retired nurses to active status.  Eliminating the 12 hours of continuing education will accomplish this goal.  This streamlined process will help provide more nurses to treat the increased patient loads resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Additionally, this application will not require a criminal history state and federal background check requirements. These requirements must be completed ​prior to the October 31, 2022 renewal period or your license will lapse.  If you have any questions, please send an email via your Nurse Portal. 

​​2022 RN Renewals

RN Renewals for the 2022​ licensing year will proceed normally. The renewal period opens August 1, 2022 and closes October 31, 2022. 

Continuing Education requirements have been reinstated for this RN renewal.
Click Here for Education requirements.​

Verify your RN License Renewal CE Compliance with CEBroker:

  • ​Step 1 activate your free CE Broker account
  • step 2 upload your CE completion documents
  • step 3 receive a complete report displayed when your requirements are met.)  
  • For technical support with your CEBroker account, visit the CE Broker Support Center. 

​​​​​​Nurse Portal

Most of our previous RN, APRN, Prescriptive Authority and Dialysis Technician forms have been replaced by electronic forms available in the Nurse Portal. Log in and create your nurse portal account. 

Message Center

All communications to and from the Board will take place using the Message Center. If you have a license application in progress then you will need to check your message center periodically to see if you need to follow up with the Board. Additionally, if you would like to send a message to the Board then please use the Message Center. If the Board sends you a message through the Message Center then you should receive an email notification, however because email is not 100 percent reliable we cannot guarantee you will receive a notification, so please check the Message Center periodically while waiting for your application to be processed.

New Law Creates Initial License Fee Waivers

Effective June 6, 2019, a new law requires the West Virginia Board of Registered Nurses (Board) and other licensing authorities to waive initial licensing fees for low-income individuals and military families.

The waiver does not apply to individuals seeking to renew existing licenses, or to those seeking an educational permit from the Board.

The new law defines a “low-income individual” as someone in the local labor market whose household adjusted gross income is below 130% of the federal poverty level. To access the federal poverty guidelines, visit From the “Resources” area, click on “A chart with percentages (e.g. 125 percent) of the guidelines” and review the column marked “130%.” 

The term “low-income individual” also applies to any person enrolled in a state or federal public assistance program, such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Medicaid or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

A “military family” is defined in the new law as any person who serves as an active member of the armed forces of the United States, the National Guard, or a reserve component, honorably discharged veterans of those forces, and their spouses. This term also includes surviving spouses of deceased service members who have not remarried.

For additional information, contact the Board at (304) 744-0900.

Registered Nurse and Advanced Practice:

All the forms and applications for Registered Nurses and Advanced Practice nurses are all available at the Nurse Portal. This includes Initial applications, Renewal applications, Reinstatement applications and Name/Address Change forms.

Prescriptive Authority:

For Prescriptive Authority Initial, Reinstatement, Renewal, and Change applications use the Nurse Portal.

Initial Prescriptive Authority application pharmacology letter example click here​.

Complete a Prescriptive Authority Change Application if you have active prescriptive authority privilege and want to dissolve or add an active collaborative practice agreement (CPA) or want to change your prescriptive authority privilege status from prescriptive authority privilege with a CPA to prescriptive authority privilege without a CPA.

Other Prescriptive Authority forms are required to be notarized. They must be printed, filled out notarized and mailed back to the Board:

Prescriptive Authority forms requiring notarization


Dialysis Tech Forms​


Primary Source Verification

The West Virginia Board of Registered Nurses performs primary source verification of practitioner education and training for RN and APRN licensees.

Other Verification

  • Verify APRN to another state
To request verification of your WV APRN license be sent to another state board, please send a written request to our office that includes your name, license number, and the state where the verification is to be sent. Please include a cashier’s check or money order for $30 made out to the WV RN Board. 
Use this form to send to other states and have them verify your APRN license with us

Use this form to obtain a verification from states that do not participate in NURSYS


Lapsed License Reports

The 2021 RN renewal season ended on 10/31/2021. This is the report of licensees that did not renew during this period, and also any APRNs that lapsed as a result of the RN license lapsing.

The RN licensing period from 11/1/2019 to 10/31/2020 had its renewal period delayed by an Executive Order from the Governor, and the renewal period officially ended on August 2, 2021. This is the report of licensees that did not renew during this period.

APRN Renewal season ended on 06/30/2021 - if you had not renewed your APRN license by then it has lapsed and will need to be reinstated before you can work as an APRN. If you have prescriptive authority, it has lapsed as well.
Dialysis Technician license renewals ended 6/30/2021. If you had not renewed your DT license by then it has lapsed and will need to be reinstated before you can work as a dialysis technician.

RN Renewal season ended on 10/31/2019 - if you had not renewed your RN license then it has lapsed on 11/1/2019. If you held an APRN license that used your RN license as a prerequisite then it has lapsed as well and will need to be reinstated before you can work as an APRN. If you have prescriptive authority, it has lapsed as well.
APRN Renewal season ended on 06/30/2019 - if you had not renewed your APRN license by then it has lapsed and will need to be reinstated before you can work as an APRN. If you have prescriptive authority, it has lapsed as well.
Dialysis Technician license renewals ended 6/30/2019. If you had not renewed your DT license by then it has lapsed and will need to be reinstated before you can work as a dialysis technician.

Renewal season ended on 10/31/2018 - if you have not renewed your license, it will have lapsed and you will need to fill out an Online RN License Reinstatement form. To confirm, check the Verification link at the top of the page to see if you have lapsed.
Your APRN license depends on your RN license to be active. If your RN license has lapsed then your APRN license has inactivated. If you are on this list you will need to reinstate your RN license and also your APRN license, and, if applicable, your RXA privilege as well.

Fee Schedule

There may be a small additional transaction fee for online applications
Address ChangeNo charge​
Endorsement Without Temp Permit$100.00
Endorsement With Temp Permit$125.00
Endorsement with 90-day Temporary Permit ONLY$25.00
Licensure by Examination$70.00
RN Renewal$67.00
Advanced Practice Application$35.00
Advanced Practice Renewal$35.00
Limited Prescriptive Authority$125.00
Multistate License Conversion from Single state$7.00
Name Change$10.00
​Reinstatement from Lapsed Status
Reinstatement from Inactive Status$25.00
Transcript Photocopy$5.00
RN Verification to Another Nursing Board or Certifying Bodyvia NURSYS
APRN Verification to Another Nursing Board$30.00
Volunteer LicenseNo Charge
Working Without a Valid LicenseDisciplinary Fees


Frequently Asked Licensing Questions

When are the license renewal periods?
The renewal periods for RN and APRN/RXA are as follows:
    APRN licenses and RXA privilege:
    All APRN licenses and RXA privileges expire June 30 of every odd year. The APRN/RXA renewal period for 2019 will begin May 1 and end June 30.
    RN licenses:
    All currently active West Virginia RN Licenses expire October 31 of each year. The renewal period will begin September 1, and you must renew your license by October 31 or your RN license will lapse.
What will happen if I don't renew my license by its expiration date?
Your RN license will lapse and you will not be able to practice nursing in this state. Additionally, APRN licenses and RXA privileges depend on having an active RN license in this state. If you have an APRN license or RXA privileges in this state then they will automatically lapse as well,
What are the educational requirements for renewing my WV RN and APRN licenses?
Click here to go to the Education page - scroll down to CE Requirements
I received an error message after entering my license number to renew.
Please call us at 304-744-0900 or email

I am on the Employer page, and it asks me to select a primary employer, but there is nothing to select.
On the top of that same page there is a place where you can add your employers. After you add your employers, they will show up in the pick list at the bottom of the page.​

I think I was charged twice for an online renewal. What now?
Please call us at 304-744-0900 or email
My credit card was declined, but there was plenty of available credit.
Please call your financial institution, as they will have details as to why the transaction may have failed.
My debit card was declined, but there were sufficient funds in the account.
Please call your financial institution, as they will have details as to why the transaction may have failed.
The payment page doesn't have a place to put my credit card number, or the Submit button is not clickable.
This can be due to a corporate firewall blocking parts of the payment page. It can also be caused by extensions installed in your browser. Disable any browser extensions and try again. ​If you are behind a corporate firewall then you may need to complete your renewal by using a different internet connection.​

How do I change the email address used to log into the portal?
There are two ways to change your email address used to log into the portal. If you are able to log into the portal, then log in and go to Manage Profile, Account Management. You can change your email address in this section. If you no longer have access to your old email address, then call the WV RN Board at 304-744-0900 and we will change it for you. 

How do I add a narrative when answering Yes to an eligibility question?
You can enter a narrative into the box below the question that says "Please provide a detailed narrative..."  Entering a narrative is required in most cases you answer Yes to an eligibility question. You can also upload supporting documentation by scanning or photographing a document, and then clicking Upload to send that document. Supporting documentation can include letters, court documents, military (DD214) or any other document that supports the Yes answer to the eligibility question.  If you photograph a document, make sure the image is clear and all the text is readable by the license coordinators before uploading it. 

Multistate Licensure Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I have applied for a Multi-State license. When will it go into effect?
A:  We have begun processing and issuing the Multistate License applications. The multistate licenses will be approved and issued as documentation and background checks are received. If your employment situation depends on your multistate license being issued quickly, please email the Board at and we will attempt to accommodate your situation. Please check the Verification page (link at the top of the page) to see if your multistate has been issued.
Q:  What is the process for an existing RN in WV to apply for the Compact License?
A:  The process to convert from a single state license to a multistate license if your primary state of residence is WV begins by completing the application at and selecting the RN Multistate Conversion Form. The process is outlined in the flowchart document. The cost of the multistate conversion application is $7.16.
Q:  Am I required to get a multistate license if I live in West Virginia and work out of state?
A:  There is no legal requirement in West Virginia, nor are there any provisions in the eNLC Compact that require an individual living in West Virginia and working out-of-state to obtain a West Virginia multistate license. However, laws and rules in other states may differ, and other states may have different requirements. Check with the Nursing Boards in the states in which you are employed to determine their individual requirements..
Q:  Do I need to complete a new background check and obtain fingerprints if I am applying to convert my WV single state license to a multistate license since I previously completed fingerprints with my background check for my single state license?
A:  Yes, a recent criminal background check and fingerprinting is required.
Q:  I just recently had a background check performed for another license. Can I use that background check for my multistate license?
A:  No. The background check must be done at the time of the application, and it is the only purpose for which it will be able to be used.
Q:  If I live in a neighboring state who is a member of the Compact and work in West Virginia, do I need to keep my single-state West Virginia license?
A:  If you receive a multi-state license in your home state then your West Virginia license will automatically be deactivated and you will work in West Virginia on your multistate license.
Q:  If I obtain a West Virginia multistate license and then move to another state, what happens?
A:  If West Virginia is no longer your Primary State of Residence then your multistate license will be automatically downgraded to a single-state license. If you are working in another state then you will need to obtain licensure for that state. Check with the Nursing Board of your new home state and your employment state(s) to determine what kind of licensure you will need.
Q:  I am an Advanced Practice nurse in a neighboring Compact state. Can I work as an APRN in West Virginia?
A:  No. APRN licenses are not part of the compact and do not cross state lines. You may work as an RN in West Virginia, but to work as an APRN you will need to obtain a West Virginia APRN license. Please contact for more information.
Q:  I hold a West Virginia multistate license and I am also an APRN in West Virginia. Can I work in an neighboring compact state as an APRN?
A:  No. APRN licenses are not part of the compact. Check with the RN Board in the state you will be working to determine their process for APRN licensure.
Q:  How will I know if my multistate license has been issued? Can I check the status of my application?
A:  Yes. To check the status of your pending application, go to the Multistate License Conversion Form and select Check Application Status (or just click here).  After your background check has been received and your application has been processed, check our Verification page to see if your multistate license has been issued. If so, the verification page will indicate whether it is Single State or Multistate. Soon afterward, you should receive a new license card in the mail.
Q:  I'm currently a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in another eNLC state and recently accepted employment in West Virginia for an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse position. Does West Virginia becoming a compact state affect me and what exactly is the process of going about obtaining West Virginia APRN licensure?
A:  Pursuant to WV Code 30-7-1 et seq. and 19-07 certified nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, certified nurse anesthetists and certified nurse practitioners in West Virginia must be licensed as registered nurses and advanced practice register nurses to practice in West Virginia. 
Advanced practice registered nurse license are not part of the eNLC compact in West Virginia and APRN licenses do not cross state lines. You may work as a registered nurse only in West Virginia if you have an active multistate RN license from another eNLC state but to work West Virginia as a certified advanced practice registered nurse you will need an active RN license and West Virginia APRN license. APRN initial license information can be found on the WV RN Board website at under the forms and applications tab. Please contact  for more APRN license information.
Q:  I am a WV resident RN who wants to apply for an eNLC license in WV because I plan to take a travel nursing assignment in another eNLC compact state and that state does not offer the livescan fingerprinting. How can I avoid traveling back to WV to obtain live scan fingerprinting?
A:  Attached is the information from the Identogo website (click here). If you have any questions related to this procedure, call their customer service number on the linked document.
Q:  My fingerprint scans were rejected twice - how can I submit my fingerprints manually?
    A:  If an applicant receives the double-rejection letter they need to forward the letter to the Board office at this address:
    WV Board of Registered Nurses
    5001 MacCorkle Ave, S.W.
    South Charleston, WV 25309​
    Attention: Criminal Background Checks
The Online Multistate License Conversion form is available in your Nurse Portal. Click here to go to the nurse portal sign-in page.

Multistate licenses will not be issued prior to January 19, 2018. We will begin processing Multistate conversion applications on that date.

An applicant for a West Virginia multistate license must meet the following criteria:
    West Virginia must be your Primary State of Residency
    Has graduated from a Board-approved education program
    Has passed English proficiency exam, if graduated from an international education program
    Has passed NCLEX
    Is eligible for or holds active unencumbered license
    Has submitted to state and federal fingerprint-based criminal background checks
    Has no state or federal felony convictions
    Has no misdemeanor convictions related to the practice of nursing (determined on a case-by-case basis)
    Is not currently in an alternative program
    Is required to self-disclose current participation in an alternative program
    Has a valid United States Social Security number

West Virginia RN Board
5001 MacCorkle Ave, SW, South Charleston, WV 25309 (304) 744-0900